The Concept

Your experience with us begins with a visit to our gourmet sides and salads bar
where you can choose from fresh salads, a wide selection of prepared vegetables and
continental breads.

Using the double sided card on your table, you control the service. When your card is green,
our chefs will bring freshly cooked sizzling skewers of meat to your table. 

There are a wide range of mouth watering cuts of meat to choose from, so you can
try them all. When your card is turned to the red side, this indicates a resting point.
To resume the service, simply turn the card to the green side again.
We have shown a selection of the available cuts of meat - many more cuts are available daily.


Our signature cut - mouth wateringly tender and full of flavour.



Marinated chicken thighs,
full of flavour.




Tender, juicy cut with a
distinctive and full taste.




Cooked on the grill and seasoned to bring out the natural flavour.



Traditional recipe,
unique to Latinos.




Rich and juicy with a succulent layer of fat for extra flavour.



Marbled cut of beef, thick cut with intense flavour.




Succulent, tender and full of flavour.




Smoked for a full flavour,
served with pineapple.




Traditional bacon
wrapped chicken breast.




Our chefs select a wide range of cuts for your enjoyment.






Grilled portabello mushroom, grilled beef tomatoes, mint, grilled red bell pepper, red onions

Served with chips





Make your own choice from the Salad Bar




Cooked as you prefer

Let us know if you prefer your meat pink or well done - we are happy to serve all cuts
cooked to your taste.


Ask for your favourite cut

Please feel free to request your favourite cut to be cooked next - we are happy to oblige.